How Do You Manually Raise a Garage Door?

Whether your garage door is having issues and needs to be repaired, you have a power outage, or any other issue arises, you need to know how to manually open your garage door. If you don’t know how to do this properly, you may struggle a lot to get the job done. You may even risk damaging your garage door. Below is more information about manually raising your garage door and what to do if your garage door is in need of repairs.

Steps to Manually Raise a Garage Door

There are a few steps that you’ll need to take when manually opening your garage door. These include:

Make Sure the Door is Down

Don’t try to address a garage door that isn’t opening and closing properly while the garage door is open. This can be extremely dangerous and can cause further damage to the garage door. Issues with springs can lead to the garage door slamming, which can severely hurt someone that is underneath the door.

If your garage door is stuck open, contact BH Garage Doors. We’ll be able to safely lower and repair your garage door.

Pull the Emergency Release

Close to the front of your door is the red emergency release cord. If your door is closed, you can pull this cord to release the garage trolley. This will allow you to manually operate your garage door. From there, you can open the garage door to park your car, remove items from your garage, or do whatever else needs to be done.

Re-connect the Trolley

Once you are ready to re-connect the trolley, you can run the opener. Make sure it goes all the way up and back down. If you hear a loud click, everything should be re-connected.

Reasons for Your Garage Door Not Functioning

There are a variety of different reasons why your garage door isn’t functioning. Some of these are simple fixes, while others may require the help of a professional. Below are some of the reasons a garage door won’t function: 

·   Broken springs. Broken springs are a common problem. If you try and open your garage door and you can hear the machine going yet it won’t budge, springs may be the issue. There are only a certain number of times springs can be used before they need to be replaced. This is normal wear and tear. Replacing springs can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have experience with garage door repairs. Contact a garage door repair company if you are having issues with your springs.

·   The photo eye. This can often be an easy fix. The photo eye is the laser beam used to ensure nothing is obstructing the door. If it is misaligned, dirty, or blocked, the garage door will have issues with opening and closing. Check to make sure there is nothing in the way of the photo eye. Also, try wiping it off. There is the chance it needs to be replaced. If this is the case, contact BH Garage Doors.

·   Broken cables. Cables are a very important part of your garage door, and it won’t function with broken cables. Like with springs, these need to be replaced by a professional.

There are a variety of issues that can lead to your garage door not being able to open and close. Unless you are a professional, these can be difficult to diagnose and fix on your own. Instead, you’ll want to get your garage door fixed by a professional.

Getting Your Garage Door Fixed

If your garage door is stuck due to mechanical issues or damage and not a power outage, you’ll need to get your garage door fixed. It is unsafe to manually open and close your electric garage door. When you are ready to get your garage door fixed, reach out to BH Garage Doors.

Why Choose BH Garage Doors?

There are a lot of advantages to hiring BH Garage Doors. These include:

Professional and Knowledgeable Techs

We employ only the highest quality garage door techs at BH Garage Doors. Our experts have plenty of experience and can diagnose the issue that your garage door is having with ease. From there, they will expertly repair your garage door and ensure it is functioning properly.

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The cost when it comes to repairs may vary. It’s good to get an estimate of what the repairs will cost so you don’t get hit with a surprising bill you aren’t prepared for. BH Garage Doors offers estimates that are free of charge.

Emergency Service and Repairs on All Brand Names

Are you in need of an emergency repair service? If so, let us know! BH Garage Doors offers emergency garage door repair services on all the biggest brands. We will get a tech out to you as soon as possible. We may even be able to dispatch a tech same-day! Let us know if you are in a rush and we will provide you with an estimate for your emergency services.

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