How To Insulate Garage Doors?

If you want to create some extra space in your home then converting a garage into a working room is a cheap, effective way of doing that.  Whether you want a playroom for the kids, an office, or a bigger laundry room, if you do not use all your garage to park your car then the space can be utilized for something else.  

It is up to you how much time and money you spend on achieving this.  You can hire a professional if you want to pay top price and you know you will use your room a lot.  However, if you are only going to use it occasionally then a cheaper way of doing the work is to board out the space, put in some flooring, and insulate your garage door.  That way you have a working room that you haven’t had to pay the earth for.  Here are some tips for insulating your garage door. 

Why Insulate Your Garage Door?

Temperature is usually the most prohibitive reason why you would not use a garage as an extra room. However, to combat this problem, insulation can be applied to the door, which will help to keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is a relatively easy DIY job to carry out in your home and it will make the space more comfortable to use all year round. 

What Material Should You Use?

There are a few different types of material that you could use.  The best are polystyrene foam, panel installation, or reflective foil installation.  These are all relatively inexpensive and they are great to use because they are all lightweight materials, which makes them quick and easy to install, they are excellent at excluding draughts, and they make the room more soundproof. You can source this material online or take a trip to your local DIY store.

What Do You Need to Do?

There are a few steps that you will need to take to install your garage door insulation. 

Clean The Garage Door

You will need to make sure the garage door is thoroughly clean before you can install your insulation.  If it is dirty, the material will not stick properly.  Use a solution of soap and water and give the door a good wash down using a wet sponge.  Take your time over this to make sure you don’t miss bits.  Once you have finished, rinse the door off so that it doesn’t have any suds on it and dry the door well using a towel. 

Cut Out the Insulation Material

If you have not brought material that exactly fits your garage door, cut it down to size.  Use a tape measure to measure the door and make sure that the insulation material will be a good fit.  Don’t worry about cutting out sections for the door hinges yet, as this is easier to do once you have hung the material on the door.  Simply cut to the shape of the overall door at this point. 

Apply Double-Sided Tape

You need the material to stick to the door well, so using double-sided tape will do the job perfectly.  Apply it in long strips to the inside struts of the garage door so that it fixes securely to the door, and you can also stick the insulation to it.  Make sure you cover the whole frame but at this point, don’t peel off the covering for the side that will attach to the insulation. Apply pressure to the tape to squeeze any excess air out and make sure that it is securely fixed to the garage door. 

Remove Protective Paper

When you have finished securing the tape to the door you can remove the protective paper on the other side and expose the sticky part underneath. 

Attach The Insulation Material

Roll the insulation material over the door carefully and press down to ensure that it is held securely by the double-sided tape. Once you have done this you can cut out the shapes you need around the hinges and any other door furniture. You may still need to trim around the edges of the material to get the perfect finish. 

Tape The Edges

To make sure that your garage door is well insulated, tape and seal the joint and edges with aluminum tape, which makes a great draught excluder as well as making sure that the insulation material is fastened securely. 

You Are Ready to Go

Now you are ready to enjoy your garage without worrying about the temperature changing while you are in there. 

It is quick and easy to insulate your garage door and it won’t cost you a lot of money either.  This is one of the easiest DIY jobs to do in the home and well worth it if you want some extra space without breaking the bank.