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How to Paint a Garage Door with a Roller?

How to Paint a Garage Door with a Roller?

Whether you are in the process of renovating your home to add value to the sale or simply want to make it more comfortable and breathe new life into your home, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. You will need to think about the cost, the style and look that you want to achieve, and more. Since your garage door takes up around 30% of the front of your home, it has a massive impact on your property’s curb appeal, and sometimes all it takes is a fresh lick of paint to give your entire house a completely new look. If you are in the process of preparing your home to sell, a stylish garage door can improve the first impression made on potential buyers and boost the home’s resale value. Here’s what you need to know about repainting a garage roller door.


Preparing the door is an important part of the process that you should always give plenty of time to. The more you prepare the door, the better your final results are going to be. Start by giving the door a thorough cleaning and make sure that any dust and dirt is removed. You can do this with a cloth or a small brush, or a pressure washer if your door is very dirty – just make sure that you give it plenty of time to dry before you begin painting.


Carefully inspect your garage door to see if there is any rust that will need to be removed before you start painting. Not removing any rust from the door before painting it can impact the results and the rust may come through again very soon afterwards, leaving you needing to paint again much sooner than you had anticipated. While you can repaint over old paint, you may get a better result from sanding or stripping any existing paint off your garage door, especially if there are several layers.


Once your garage door is ready to paint, it’s time to choose the right products to use to give it a fresh new color and look. To ensure that you get a great finish, it’s a good idea to use high-quality paint products and tools. Make sure that you choose a good primer to apply to the door before you begin painting it; this will improve the appearance of the finished result along with the longevity of the new paint. You should choose a primer that is waterproof and designed specifically for outdoor use. Choose a paint that is specifically designed for the material that your garage door is made from. You can get metal paints or all-purpose paints that are suitable. Exterior paint is a must since your garage door is exposed to the elements all year around. Semi-gloss paint is a good choice since it is easy to clean and maintain.


A garage door with a roller can be tricky to paint since it is not all one flat surface. You can paint with a roller and brush, but it’s a good idea to get a small roller that will fit in between the grooves. Painting the door with a brush might be easier for a while, but this is likely to be very time-consuming and there’s a high chance of being able to see brush strokes once you’re done. You may want to consider a paint pad for a more even finish. For the best results, purchase or hire a paint sprayer that will enable you to cover the door evenly with paint very quickly and get perfectly even results. Bear in mind that you may need to apply two or three coats of paint to get the result that you desire. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how long you should leave the last coat of paint to dry before you apply a new one.


Finally, since your garage door is outdoors, it’s important to make sure that the weather is just right on the day that you decide to start painting it. The weather being either too hot or too cold can have an impact on the finished paint job. Ideally, a warm and dry day is the best option. If the weather is too hot, you should wait until it cools down as hot weather could cause the door to expand, which will make it difficult for the paint to adhere to the surface and may lead to paint cracking once dry.

Painting your garage door is a simple DIY job that most people can confidently do themselves. However, if you don’t have the time or confidence to get the results that you want, or your garage door is looking seriously worth for wear, replacing it might be an ideal option to consider.