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How to Repair Garage Door Opener?

How to Repair Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers can become quite problematic after the first few years of use, as several problems may begin to present themselves at the most inopportune of times! However, you can repair minor issues by yourself, and knowing how to do so could help in saving both time and cash. If you are unsure of how to go about this, read on to learn a bit about


If it’s just the remote, this should be an easy fix. Check through and follow the steps mentioned next:

1. Replace the batteries and try it again
2. If that does not work, buy a replacement remote if one is available
3. In case the remote cannot be replaced due to the unavailability of the particular model, try a universal remote
4. Installing a new receiver + remote combo is the last option if step 3 fails as well


As long as the remote is functioning, and the garage door is fine, it’s almost certainly the wall switch that needs repairing. In that case:

1. Unscrew the wall switch and you should see two wires with live ends
2. Bring the two live ends together and try the remote now
3. If that gets the garage door moving, you will have to replace the wall switch with a new one
4. If that does not work, one of the wires has most likely shorted
5. Preferably change both wires with 18 – 22-gauge wires, instead of wasting time on a jumper test
6. Repeat step 2 to see your garage door opener repair completed


When the garage door can be remotely operated to go up, but not come down, you will need to check the wall switch first. If the door goes down like always on pressing the wall switch, then both the remote and the wall switch are working fine. The issue in this instance is most likely related to malfunctioning safety sensors. Possible causes for a sensor malfunction are:

● Misalignment
● Physical damage
● Indicator light malfunction
● Direct sunlight exposure
● Reaching the end of their lifetime


If the garage door opener refuses to work right after a thunderstorm, there is a small chance that the circuit board could be fried. It will need to be replaced and although you can get it done by yourself, this is a bit more complicated. Check the steps next:

1. Switch off/cut off the garage from your home’s main power source
2. Unscrew the light cover and take the bulb out
3. Next, carefully disconnect the switch and the wires (sensor)
4. Unscrew the circuit board and remove it
5. Place the new circuit board (must be the same exact model) in and screw it in place
6. Reconnect the wires and the switch
7. Replace the old bulb with a new one and screw the light cover in tight, before reconnecting the garage to power


Not everyone is as experienced with handling electricals as some of us are, so feel free to call in a professional at any point. The general idea is to continue with the DIY garage door opener repair job only for as long as you feel confident. If the issue is more serious, such as a shorted circuit board for example, trying to fix it without prior experience would be ill-advised.

Before trying any of this, do make sure that the issue is with the garage door opener, and not the garage door’s rollers, tracks, spring system, or any other mechanical part. Find the emergency release cord, pull it, and then lift the door. If the door still refuses to open and close freely, it is indeed the garage door that needs repairing, and not the opener.