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The Latest Trends in Garage Door Technologies

The Latest Trends in Garage Door Technologies

Today, we want to take you on a trip in search of the latest trends in the garage door industry. The vogue of garage doors mainly relates to three variables: technology, style, but also seemingly insignificant element, such as colors. Modern garage doors are continuously evolving and improving, and their use is becoming more and more convenient. Modern single-family homes are usually buildings with built-in garages. This user-friendly solution requires not only aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency but also appropriate protection against burglary. When thinking about protection against home invasion, homeowners usually focus on entrance doors and windows. Meanwhile, the garage, which we use as a place for our vehicle, and often store bicycles, sports equipment, and other valuables, also requires solid safeguard, especially if it is directly connected to the house, which can be entered through the connecting door.

Here are some of the latest trends in garage door technologies worth considering:


A beautiful home with the proper aesthetics and curb appeal can attract intruders, and outdated garage doors are often easier to open than the front door to the house. In addition, thieves often target the car itself, so the garage doors require an advanced anti-burglary protection system. To some extent, the following can satisfy these needs:

● The focus of manufacturers on new combinations of materials from which doors are made, and recent trends indicate that it is increasingly common to combine steel (primary material), aluminum, and stainless steel in one door.
● The use of special anti-burglary locks that cannot be forced and additional bolts (which also protect in the event of a power failure), as well as blockades – the very construction of modern garage doors also significantly hinders their opening from the outside with the use of force.
● Alarms – including force and motion detectors. Some manufacturers give the opportunity to increase the anti-burglary properties after the garage door is installed. It is also best to choose the right one when replacing or installing the new garage door.
● Internal doors that lead from the garage to the house should also have anti-burglary protection.


Brightness significantly affects both the safety of use, illuminating the driveway in the dark, and can be an aesthetic or even eye-catching element. Appropriate light can:

Brighten the entrance and driveway with photocells that will turn off after passing through,
Brighten the garage door and its interior – these systems allow you to save on bills, as they turn on only when necessary.
Use time programming and set the lights to turn on, such as at the time of departure from home to work.
Changes in the installation of lighting with motion sensors should be carried out after the installation of the garage door – it is relatively simple and inexpensive as these systems do not require additional wiring.


Modern thermal insulation properly maintains heat not only in the garage but also at home. As you probably know, the walls reflect heat, and a cold garage will certainly cold down the adjacent rooms. Modern thermal insulation provides energy-efficient solutions that lower the heat inside the home and your bills, especially during colder seasons.


With modern garage door technologies, user safety includes:

● Protections preventing the garage door from slamming,
● Self-closing hinges
● Recognition of obstacles to which the gate reacts by stopping its movement.


We are already accustomed to automatic garage door openers, but manufacturers are not idle. Recently an application has been released that allows you to control your garage door using a smartphone. In addition to remote control, the technology of openers mounted in garage doors is also being developed, which affects faster opening and closing as well as reduces reliability and extends durability. The opening mechanisms withstand more and more cycles and have already started to exceed their opening and closing records.


Service door is the latest hit, which serves to improve the operation of the sectional garage door. This is a very often ordered improvement that allows you to go out and enter the garage without opening it. It will also extend its lifespan, as using service door saves the garage door drives that do not wear out.


Imagine a new generation garage door. A door that is not a transformation of existing solutions, but a creative effect of searching for a balance between modern technology, quality, safety, and design. Innovative, refined in every detail, modern garage doors reflect your needs before you can define them. Many of them are fully equipped and entirely automatic.


Sectional garage doors open vertically and remain under the ceiling, saving tons of space. This design provides maximum space both in the garage itself and on your driveway. Sectional garage doors can be installed in any garage opening and provide more passage width than up and over doors. They also have a permanently elastic seal that is resistant to external conditions and optimally seals the door on all four sides. Sectional garage doors have been on the market for a while, and most modern homes already have them installed, but the technological advancements of the mechanisms are continuously evolving.


Aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety are not the only features modern homeowners are seeking. Cutting edge garage doors also mean real comfort of use. They have special solutions protecting against pinching fingers or preventing excessive increase in air humidity inside the garage. Some manufacturers also offer an automatic garage ventilation system. Thanks to the perfect control of the air humidity level, we do not have to worry about mold or corrosion, even on your vehicles. Even in winter, when the snow brought into the garage begins to melt, we can sleep peacefully knowing our garage is equipped with everything necessary to fight extreme weather conditions. The latest generation, which use advanced intelligent technologies, allow for quick remote operation of your garage not only by means of remote control but also utilizing a smartphone with Bluetooth function or Smart Home systems.