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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Spring?

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Spring?

Quality garage door repair springs are not particularly costly parts to replace, but the labor cost might make it so. There is a cheaper way to handle the situation in some instances, which we will get to later. First, let’s discuss how much a garage door spring replacement cost will set you back by.


There are two primary spring systems used in garage doors, so you will need to find out whether your garage door is using a torsion spring system, or an extension spring system. Torsion spring systems consist of a single coiled spring and, depending on which one you need, these can cost anything between $65 and $85.

The extension spring systems are dual spring by design, but they are often sold as part of a complete kit (rollers and tracks) for roughly $75-100. If you can find a pair of extension springs being sold separately, they should cost somewhere between $25 to $40. Do note that these prices are only rough estimates, and they will change depending on:

● The manufacturer and the model
● Availability
● Seller and location


Those of us who are not willing to take the risk of incurring additional expenses and the possibility of an injury should remember that there is no universal price chart which all garage door spring replacement companies follow. The location of the garage, the local competition, the difficulty of the job, etc., must all be considered before making any estimations regarding a garage door spring replacement cost. Nevertheless, the cost of labor plus the cost of materials should set you back by anything between $150 to $350 per door. If there are multiple doors that require replacement, you will likely get a discount on the labor charge, but of course, the total cost will increase.


There are several checks that can help you stay aware of garage door repair scams and avoid overpaying. For example:

● Only work with reputed companies that have a local, verifiable history of honest work
● Buy the parts yourself
● Go online and check how much the competitors are charging for the same job
● Get a second opinion, but only if you have big doubts (consulting a second business will not be free)
● Note if they are in a hurry to get started immediately


Broken garage door springs cannot be repaired, but only replaced. However, just because a garage door spring is not working properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the spring is broken. If the door spring can be rebalanced, realigned, and lubricated to solve the problem, it may only cost you roughly $50-75 for the whole thing!

This is not that to say that homeowners cannot replace their own garage door springs of course, but most of us are not equipped to handle the job. Some jobs are best left to the experts, unless you are okay with learning through trial and error.

Even if you do have the expertise necessary to replace those springs, do you really have the time to do so? Even if you have the time and the expertise, do you have the right set of tools necessary? If you must buy a few tools to get the job done, will the added cost, manual labor and time be still worth it? The trial-and-error process can be very costly, time-consuming, and quite dangerous as well, so understand the risk factors before taking on the job.